27 Feb 2023
Fencing Competition Results

Congratulations to all of our fencers who completed in age-group fencing qualifiers this weekend.

Within the U16 Sabre competition Leanna showing great maturity and confidence in her fencing to bring home the gold medal! Daisy was in her first ever competition and fought well achieving 3rd place.

The U16 Epee saw Abila competing in her first competition, and also her first fight with anyone beyond her teacher. She was fearless and took away some nice hits and won her first fencing match against a very experienced left hander. She finished 9th and missed out on a qualifying spot but 1 place.

In the U14 Foil both Selina and Elizabeth Anne fought well, concentrating on applying skills learnt in lessons and training effectively. Selina placed 12th, and Elizabeth Anne was 13th.

We are all extremely proud of the way they all conducted themselves throughout the day and their commitment to their training. The results they all achieved is testament to their hard work.